Taxi in Eolian Islands Tour

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Taxi in Eolian Islands Tour


Places: Vulcano - Lipari - Stromboli - Panarea
Duration: 10,5 h

Meeting point: Hotels in Catania
Included Services: Assistance on site, tickets, restaurant riservation,
Languages: Italian, English. Available on request: French, German, Spanish

The Eolian Tour is an exclusive destination and a travel to discover the beauty and the hidden trasures of such a places.
This itinerary includes Vulcano Island, her legends and mythes and the thermal mud bathes, Lipari Island and her withe pumice beach, Panarea Island with her breathtaking Tyrrenian seascape and a lovely landscape spotted with her typical white and blue little houses. On Stromboli Island you'll face the power of nature visiting the impressive lava flows and the hard and easy style of life of peple that have chosen to live there.

Things to know before visiting Eolian Islands
Every year more than 600.000 visitors come to Eolian Islands. All the islands are volcanoes either active or not any more.
During the last 200 years Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina, Alicudi, Filicudi are an extraordinary geological laboratory for scientist coming from everywhere in the world.
Many archaeological artifacts were ben preserved over the centuries buried in the vulcanic ash making the Eolian archipelago a unique archaeological park.
The Vulcano Thermal Mud Bathes and the climbing to his crater summit, the wild tracks of Stromboli are just few of the reasons why the Eolian Archipelago is in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Services included and on request.
Free Taxi is a car-with-driver exclusive service offering you class and elegance.
Our services wil allow you to travel in absolute relax and enjoy your trip in a top level comfort.
Free Taxi tour managers and assistants will take care of your requests Booking tickets for museums, parks, concerts and shows.
Comfort, personnell willingness and professionality are our main skills to guarantee a top level service.

The must-in-bag
The Eolian Island are renowed for a crystal clear Sea and unique coasts. Swimsuit is definitely a "must" in your bag in summer. Do not forget confortable shoes and a rucksak for trekking and a camera to save pictures of the many breathtaking landscapes.

Should you visit the archipelago not in summer, mind to take with you a light jacket to enjoy the beauty of the evening landscape.



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