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Location: Historical Center - Lungomare Aci Castello - Aci Trezza
Duration: approximately 6.5 hours

Starting point: Hotel in Catania
Services included: Accompaniment, Tickets, restaurant reservation service,
Languages spoken: Italian, English, on request French, German and Spanish

The Catania Tour starts from the beautiful city of Catania, and its cathedral, the cathedral of Sant'Agata, dedicated to the patron saint of the city. The Cathedral overlooks the large and beautiful Piazza del Duomo where the Liotro rises, the elephant symbol of the city, the square leads to the typical Pescheria of Catania, famous throughout the world. Via Etnea, insistently painted in the Baroque style, and the Vincenzo Bellini Theater are just some of the very important stages that will not miss the Tour Catania. The following stages will give you precious treasures to visit, such as the suggestive promenade of Aci Castello, which leads to the imposing medieval structure that still overlooks the sea, preserving its taste of antiquity: the castle of Aci. The tour will end with the spectacular view of the famous Faraglioni: immense boulders of rock, protagonists of many legends, which are not too far from the coasts of Acitrezza.

Catania is a beautiful city that overlooks the Ionian Sea and rises at the foot of the most active volcano in Europe. This important feature gives the city an indescribable and unique charm. Catania is an important city of music, in fact it was born Vincenzo Bellini, one of the greatest operatives of the nineteenth century. The city is reborn from numerous eruptions that destroyed and modified the environment by burying different treasures. Some alleys and remains of the city that lies under the present-day Catania can still be visited, while many structures, instead, have survived the eruption and still stand fairs on the territory, such as the Ursino Castle, built by Frederick II, an important Norman building, lay first on the sea, but now after the lava flows, it is surrounded by land.

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The Catania Tour includes walks along the beautiful and characteristic old town of Catania, along the Acicastello and Acitrezza seafronts. For this we recommend a pair of comfortable shoes for your walks. In the summer seasons, we advise you to bring fresh and light clothing, and the costume.



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